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The Winter Olympics, in the name of civilization, environment, peace, and economy, will be held in Pyeongchang!

For those of you in search of health and happiness in a natural setting, welcome to Pyeongchang. It is The Alps of Asia, and the mecca of winter sports, and we are taking steps toward successful 2018 Winter Olympics. We are eager to spread our winter beauty and nature, and we are taking every step to ensure a successful Winter Olympics.

We will strive to provide the best facilities and infrastructure, to prepare an Olympic that prioritizes athletes and the events themselves, and to develop Pyeongchang into a worldwide county in favor of the county, the region and its people.

Its year-round festivals, convenient resorts, recreational ranches, and Odasan National Park will make tourists want to visit again and again! I, the County Governor, vow to spearhead the development of Pyeongchang. We hope to help you restore the joy of life with our clean water and refreshing energy of this city, the landmark of Winter Olympics.

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