Location and Climate of Pyeongchang

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Pyeongchang is a county located in mid-southern region of Kangwon Province, Korea. Being located inland on a plateau, Pyeongchang presents a continental climate with big temperature swings between day and night, with overall lower temperature compared to other regions of same latitude. Having a relatively large area among Counties, it presents complicated weather patterns, and different weather conditions even within the same region.

Due to its relative low altitude, Pyeongchang Eup(the town) falls within the weather pattern of Western Climate, with low temperature and low precipitation during winter months, but with high temperature and high precipitation during the summer months. Annual average temperature is 10.3℃. Average temperature in January is -6.3℃. Average temperature in August is 24.5℃. Annual precipitation is 1,300㎜.

However, the high-altitude region in northeast part of the county presents a very distinctive weather pattern. It is relatively cool in the summer, with average temperature of 19.1℃, but comes under heavy snowfall during the winter, due to Northeastern airstream risen by the Taebaek Mountains.

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