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Hyosuk Cultural Festival

Event Period: September
Location: Pyeongchang-gun, Bongpyung-myun Munhwa Village
Phone: 033-335-2323~4

The great master of modern literature, Gasan Lee Hyo suk, was born in Bongpyung, the actual place of the masterpiece, "When the buckwheat flower is about to bloom". The buckwheat flower, which resembles sprinkled white salt, brings out the intellectual mind. In every August, there is a commotion and excitement uncommonly seen in such countryside market place. Hyosuk Cultural Festival celebrates the intellectual enthusiasm of Gasan Lee Hyo suk, and delivers the true nature to the participants through spatial re-creation. The beauty of Hyosuk Cultural Festival lies in watching the buckwheat flower under the moonlight.

Pyeongchang Trout Festival

Event Period: January
Location: Gangwon, Pyeongchang-gun, Odachun
Phone: 033-336-4000

This is a festival that is held in Pyrongchang for the first time in Korea, in Korea's biggest trout culture pond. This festival is not only for the eyes, but a hands-on experience, where you can catch and eat the trouts. It is an unforgettable winter sport, with fishing fun and delicious trout to go with it.

Odasan Buddhist Culture Festival

Event period: October
Location: Gangwon, Pyeongchang-gun, Woljung Temple
  • Woljung temple: 033-339-6800
  • Woljung temple office: 033-339-6618
  • Odasan National Park: 033-332-6417
  • Odasan Tourist Information Center: 033-330-2399

The Odasan Buddhist Culture Festival is held every September, in Jinbu, where Odasan National Park is located. The objective of the festival is to enhance the harmony and to celebrate the plentiful harvest of the region.

Odasan Buddhist Culture Festival is a major festival for the people of the region, and is not only a festival of the temple, but also striving to be a national Buddhist event with various programs.

With unsurpassed natural scenery on the foothill of Odasan, this Buddhist festival provides pleasant festivities, unique Buddhist culture, and a chance to strengthen the mind and body.

Daegwanryung Snow Festival

Event period: January
Location: Hwengge-ri Daegwanryung-myun
Tel: 033-336-6110

Daegwanryung Snow Festival is held annually in Daegwanryung, which is often called 'The Roof of Korea'.

It is a festival unique to Korea, run by the villagers, with various winter cultural events for the villagers and tourists alike. It is an event that only a snowy village can host. Daegwanryung has a high altitude with drastic temperature ranges, thus is famous for frozen pollack processing fields. The frozen pollack field also presents an astounding scenery. Taste of Daegwanryung frozen pollack attracts many skiers and tourists.

Nosung Festival

Event period: October 6th~8th
Location: Jongbu-ri Pyeongchang Main Stadium
Tel: 033-334-9898

This festival was established to commemorate the fallen militia of the area during the Japanese invasion in 16th Century. It is held every October. Its objective is to develop regional culture and cooperation. It includes celebration of recent harvest, and many traditional events and sports activities. Many pertaining events, food vendors, visual attractions, and the countryside generosity will provide enjoyment for the whole family.

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