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Daegwanryung beef

photo of Daegwanryung beef

Daegwanryung beef has been rated the best in the world in taste and quality. It is raised with cleanest water and air, giving the meat tender and lean texture. It has been exported to Japan since 1997, a country with the most stringent standards.

Daegwanryung frozen pollack

photo of Daegwanryung frozen pollack

With its smooth texture resembling duduk, it is often called duduk pufferfish. This delicacy is well known for its taste, low cholesterol content, liver protection, and high protein content, which attracts all kinds of gourmet hunters. It can be served broiled, in soup, and pot roast. Its deep taste comes from the length of time it is kept in harsh environment to be aged and dried in.

Buckwheat noodles

photo of Buckwheat noodles

Buckwheat noodles have become a famous delicacy due to its chewy noodles and tasty sauce. It is sought after all year long, but especially in summer. Buckwheat is known for its efficacy in cleansing the blood, digestibility, and ability to improve skin tone in women. Buckwheat has been designated Pyeongchang's regional food, and it is actively sought after during Hyosuk Cultural Festival in August and September.

Buckwheat Buchim

photo of Buckwheat Buchim

There are many famous dish in Pyeongchang, but foods made out of buckwheat are common.
Among these buckwheat dishes, Buckwheat Buchim stands out with its delicious and healthy ingredients. It is usually served hot. A great Buckwheat Buchim, with 30 year tradition, can be found at Buckwheat Buchim Restaurant in Pyeongchang market.

Trout sashimi

photo of Trout sashimi

Sashimi made out of trout that was raised in this area with its cleanest water delivers an unforgettably smooth, and chewy taste. The meat contains loads of calcium, vitamins, and protein. Its DHA content has an anti-aging effect, assists in brain functions, prevents hypertension and diabetes. It is also known to be great for skin tone, and prevention of anemia. There are other dishes made of this trout, such as broiled trout and fried trout.

Osam Bulgogi

photo of Osam Bulgogi

Sujungsan is not very steep, with curves resembling that of a beautiful woman. It houses maple, royal azalea, azalea, and oak. During the spring, the royal azalea forest forms tunnels, and maple trees line up for 200m in fall. In winter, knee-deep snow pleases hikers. It is often called 'ash mountain' due to its prevalence of ash trees.

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